YouTube is vastly used by thousands of users who depend on it in their daily activities. Users of smartphones are users of YouTube, humans crave for information’s and YouTube is a means of getting all things solved, all questions answered. Marketers need to know the true purpose of YouTube and how to fully use it in promoting brands or products. How do you generate leads or drive traffic using YouTube?

generate leads with youtube


Opening YouTube page for the first, a minimum of 8 videos should be uploaded containing information’s about your brand, how it works, and your expected audience. It’s very important to create a nurtured connection with your audience with good quality videos. When making a video it’s compulsory to attach your companies tag, logo, or name so it’d be easy for viewers to know the source of the video. Do not drift away from the actual content of the video, it should always relate to your company.

Don’t forget about your YouTube channel. It should be branded from the starting point to the finishing point, your channel should have a taste of professionalism, and it helps generate leads by impressing your viewers.


This is an active panel that pops out and goes back in when a video is playing. Most celebrities use this card to generate leads by also adding a call to action urging viewers to respond and also promoting their videos to many users. When you buy real Youtube subscribers it directs them to your links; you can add a minimum of 5 cards which consist of images, texts, and clickable links. How do you add a card to YouTube?

Simply log into your YouTube video manager, edit the video you want to add a card to, click on add card twice to open up the window for the card you want to add. A YouTube card encourages viewers to keep watching nonstop. YouTube card is visible via smartphones.

youtube marketing


The first few seconds or minutes of your video should be captivating, you want to grab your viewers’ attention immediately the video starts. We all know some videos are on autoplay, no sound effect till the viewer enables it. Your video should be of value before viewer’s think of subscribing to your channel. You can create educational, tutorial, funny, horror or inspiring videos, you never can tell what your viewers are interested in watching until you try it out.

You want an increment in your sales, you should invest your time in your YouTube channels, your contents, and viewers matter. You can’t generate leads or drive traffic without both.